Top 10 funny and unusual police cars

December 28, 2014 at 18:50

We offer an overview of the amazing police cars. It is sometimes so original that just brings a smile to your face. They are all true, but some of them are hard to take seriously.

Patrol car in Detroit

Patrol car in Detroit pics

Patrol car in Detroit picture

It is said that the car was in the hands of the police during a raid against drug dealers and remained in their service after a transformation.

Handmade Police car

Handmade Police car pics

Handmade Police car picture

Kate Waller fashioned himself a patrol car and now is quietly touring the territory entrusted to him

CMC Tiffany Police car

CMC Tiffany Police car  pics

CMC Tiffany Police car picture

Cute vintage car is not involved in the persecution; it is most often used during parades and various shows.

Snowmobile Land Cruiser

Snowmobile Land Cruiser pics

Snowmobile Land Cruiser picture

Sometimes the police will not help even the coolest car, with huge snowdrifts handle only a snowmobile.

Cadillac XLR-v

Cadillac XLR-v pics

Cadillac XLR-v picture

In the town of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, decided that they deserved to go to the police Cadillacs. They have 10 pieces.

Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo picture

Lamborghini Gallardo pics

Despite the beauty and expensiveness, the machine can faithfully carry full police service.


Limousine pics

Limousine picture

The funny thing is that these cars can be rented for a few hours and go to any party. Behind the wheel will be a real policeman, though retired.

Lotus Esprit S4

Lotus Esprit S4 pics

Lotus Esprit S4 picture

And it looks beautiful, and the service carries regularly.

John Deere 6630 police tractor

John Deere 6630 police tractor pics

John Deere 6630 police tractor picture

Where cannot pass the limo will certainly pass the tractor: slowly but surely.

Caparo T1 RRV

Caparo T1 RRV pics

Caparo T1 RRV picture

100 km / h in just 5 seconds! Any criminal fail to twist. However, in some countries the police are ready to provide not just fast cars, and the most expensive model in the world.