Top 5 best cars for an architect-designer

March 7, 2015 at 20:02

In the professional responsibilities of the architect-designer are included design, layout and verification of project documentation, preparation of project proposals for individual planning elements, design work on the interiors and landscaping, the introduction of its own design framework, conducting consultations on the draft, the coordination of design decisions, reporting to company management. This means that the architect has to have everything at hand. His car has be working as clockwork, be prestigious, but at the same time reliable and have a mature style. Originality, novelty, style and tradition – that’s what he need. And what could be better than a BMW? Now I will introduce you to the top of the most suitable and the best machines for the architect.

BMW M5 picture

BMW M5 pics

The first place takes BMW M5

BMW X4 picture

BMW X4 pics

Second place takes BMW X4

BMW X6 picture

BMW X6 pics

Third place takes BMW X6

BMW Z4 picture

BMW Z4 pics

Fourth place takes BMW Z4

BMW M3 picture

BMW M3 pics

Fifth place takes BMW M3

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