Top 5 best technologies for the car of the future

December 6, 2014 at 20:27

Scientists with mechanical engineers are trying to improve vehicles, using the latest advances in technical and electronic developments. We offer an overview of recent developments.

Ventilation car seats

The standard model of conditioning car seats was made by the national laboratory for renewable energy research. This technology is able to cool completely the driver’s and passenger’s seat.

Ventilation car seats pics

Ventilation car seats picture

Projected display
Many modern cars are equipped with similar projectors. In the near future machines will be able to identify external objects that appear in front of the car, and display the data on the information display on the windshield.

Projected display pics

Projected display picture

Intelligent lights

Intelligent lights pics

Intelligent lights picture

Beam headlamps mounted on the car of Mercedes, Audi and Mazda companies, in the identification of an oncoming car independently switch to low beam. Also, they alter the character of the light, depending on the vehicle speed and steering angle.

Intelligent braking system pics

Intelligent braking system picture

Intelligent braking system

Intelligent braking system thanks to a set of sensors, radars, video cameras, the presence of the ultrasonic generator and the navigator, is not only able to stop the car in time before suddenly appeared object, but also to protect the driver from damage by a regulation of the belt.

Interaction System V2V Connectivity pics

Interaction System V2V Connectivity picture

Interaction System V2V Connectivity
In the future, cars will be able to “communicate” with each other through the wireless system interaction V2V Connectivity, sharing information about the speed and direction. The system collects information from the car close to ensure maximum safety on the road.

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