Top 5 most expensive armored cars in the world

August 21, 2015 at 15:10

BMW 7 Series High Security
Luxury car boasts a complete sealing of the cabin, own air tank and 6-liter petrol V12 power of 535 horses.

BMW 7 Series High Security picture

BMW 7 Series High Security pics

Maybach 62S Armor Rijck

Maybach 62S Armor Rijck pics

Maybach 62S Armor Rijck picture

The car is capable of withstanding even sniper bullets from a distance of 10 meters.

Bentley Mulliner from Mulsanne picture

Bentley Mulliner from Mulsanne pics

Bentley Mulliner from Mulsanne
This car is a product of collaboration of Bentley and Mulsanne. The last car was equipped armor, through which explosive attacks, powerful firearms, chemical weapons, and even the inhabitants of the cabin for no nothing.

Audi A8 Security pics

Audi A8 Security picture

Audi A8 Security
Developers turned the candy in a wrapper made of steel, titanium and Kevlar.

Mercedes Benz S-Guard 600 picture

Mercedes Benz S-Guard 600 pics

Mercedes Benz S-Guard 600
The is not only the safest but also is very powerful.