Top 5 most popular cars, in the production of which are using old technology

June 25, 2015 at 21:20

Today, many car companies that manufacture the most modern machinery are in no hurry to abandon the outdated technologies. In our review of the 10 cars that can be considered as outstanding representatives of the “old school.”

Ford F-150 XL

Ford F-150 XL picture

Ford F-150 XL pics

This versatile, although somewhat gluttonous representative of the “old school” has a lot of details and technical solutions are no longer used in the automotive industry, at least – mass.

Chevrolet SS pics

Chevrolet SS image

Chevrolet SS
American Chevrolet SS is still equipped with a manual transmission and a reliable 8-cylinder engine.

Renault Megane RS Trophy picture

Renault Megane RS Trophy pics

Renault Megane RS Trophy
The fastest car on the market today, including with manual front-wheel drive.

Mercedes G pics

Mercedes G image

Mercedes G
You can paint, upgrade the electronics and the engine Mercedes G, crammed with the most modern of its device and gadgets, but that does not force manufacturers to change the design of the body of the machine.

Noble M600 pics

Noble M600 image

Noble M600
Looking at the Noble M600, we see a modern car company Noble Automotive. It was created in 2010, but few people know that a significant part of the filling complies with the 80-ies of XX century.