Top 5 most popular ideal city hatchbacks

August 17, 2016 at 23:28

Since the first appearance of vehicles with the rising top back of the door to in 1930, hatchbacks are very popular thanks to the spacious interior and roomy luggage compartment. Add to this high efficiency and excellent driving dynamics for the city, and it becomes clear that the hatchback – a perfect solution, and as a family, and as a city car.

Honda Fit picture

Honda Fit pics

The first place takes Honda Fit

Kia Forte5 pics

Kia Forte5 picture

Second place takes Kia Forte5

Nissan Versa Note picture

Nissan Versa Note pics

Third place takes Nissan Versa Note

Ford Focus picture

Ford Focus pics

Fourth place takes Ford Focus

Volkswagen GTI pics

Volkswagen GTI picture

Fifth place takes Volkswagen GTI