Top 5 most reliable cars

June 12, 2016 at 14:39

Someone values the design of cars, some power and some people – reliability. This review is specifically made for those motorists who are primarily interested in cars that cause a minimum of problems in operation. These cars that we want to present you in our top 5 are really `”perpetual motion”!

Subaru Liberty picture

Subaru Liberty pics

The first place takes Subaru Wagons. Cars of this class are of high quality in all respects. This trend has not changed for decades.

Volvo S90 pics

Volvo S90 picture

Second place takes Volvo Company. The majority of these vehicles collected by Swedish concern serve faithfully to their owners since the last century.

Volkswagen Van picture

Volkswagen Van pics

Third place takes Volkswagen Van. Volkswagen vans family does not need the extra views.

Honda Accord picture

Honda Accord pics

Fourth place takes Honda Accord. Model of the car of 1976 is now considered as one of the best creations of the company.

Buick Roadmaster Estate picture

Buick Roadmaster Estate pics

Fifth place takes Buick Roadmaster Estate. This creation of General Motors was produced from 1970 to 1990.