Top 5 most stylish small cars ever

July 19, 2016 at 13:57

Small car buyers want to reduce the size of the car but do not want to sacrifice style. However, most of the modern supermini cars boast sharp lines, aggressive look and a decent technical stuffing. We found 5 best cars with a perfect stile that will fit the most hard-to-please customer.

Mazda 2 picture

Mazda 2 pics

The first place takes Mazda 2

Opel Corsa pics

Opel Corsa picture

Second place takes Opel Corsa

Skoda Fabia picture

Skoda Fabia pics

Third place takes Skoda Fabia

Mini Cooper S pics

Mini Cooper S picture

Fourth place takes Mini Cooper S

Volkswagen Polo picture

Volkswagen Polo pics

Fifth place takes Volkswagen Polo