Top 5 real men’s cars

August 13, 2015 at 10:35

Do you want to get behind the wheel and feel like a real man? Our portal presents top 5 most male machines.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 picture

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 pics

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
Land Cruiser FJ40 is the base model for the promotion of the 3-liter engines in passenger cars and SUVs.

Bugatti Veyron pics

Bugatti Veyron piture

Bugatti Veyron
As a real macho, it has a number of quite outstanding features. Thus, many specialists still cannot say exactly what its maximum capacity. To what did not work, the manufacturer officially limited top power at 1001 hp.

Cadillac Eldorado picture

Cadillac Eldorado pics

Cadillac Eldorado
In the 1950s, have a new car in the garage with the logo of Cadillac meant to be more successful than the really steep.

Dodge Ram pics

Dodge Ram picture

Dodge Ram
Pickups by definition have always been considered masculine cars. This one is not an exclusion.

Lamborghini Countach picture

Lamborghini Countach pics

Lamborghini Countach
The name of the Countach is admirable men cry at the sight of a beautiful woman in the Piedmontese dialect of Italian.