Top 5 most popular sedans for married people

June 16, 2016 at 16:13

Young people love double-door sports car with a folding top, but when they get a wife, children, dog and mother-in-law convertibles lose their relevance. Solid family people prefer safe cars with a spacious interior and a roomy trunk. In our review you will see 5 the most popular of these cars.

Audi A6 TDI picture

Audi A6 TDI pics

The first place takes Audi A6 TDI

Mazda 6 pics

Mazda 6 picture

Second place takes Mazda 6

Infiniti Q50 picture

Infiniti Q50 pics

Third place takes Infiniti Q50

Honda Accord EX pics

Honda Accord EX picture

Fourth place takes Honda Accord EX

Lincoln MKZ picture

Lincoln MKZ pics

Fifth place takes Lincoln MKZ