Top 10 Car Models Still Not Influenced by the Crisis

December 23, 2012 at 09:46

As the crisis seems to still be here, as we can always hear some news about the inflation, economical downturns and instabilities, it was also quite clearly stated that auto-markets are not experiencing the best times right now. On average the sales of majority of car models dropped, and some great car brands are shrinking their offerings. Though this negative wave didn’t effect everyone. Therefore today we are going to present to you top ten cars that seems to be quite successful during this crises times, and their sales still remained stable, as customers seem to believe in and trust them!

10th Place took the Volkswagen Passat – stylish middle-class model
9th Place took the Renault Megane – nice and fresh-looking
8th Place took the big and comfortable Nissan Qashqai
7th Place took the known and popular Opel Astra
6th Place took the very interesting for city-life Renault Clio
5th Place took the one the most popular models Ford Focus
4th Place took the other model of Opel automaker – Corsa
3rd Place took the small and safe Volkswagen Polo
2nd Place took the bright and fancy model of Ford Fiesta
1st Place took the irresistible and simply the best Volkswagen Golf

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