Top 10 Least Sold Car Models 2012

January 26, 2013 at 09:02

The total number of units sold is usually a good indicator for customers to see how the brand is doing what is its general position on the market, as the number of sales show how many people seem to be sure with this new model of the automaker and what value it brings to the consumers. The lower the number of units sold the more negative the attitude of people will become to this model. It may also indicate that it will be difficult to find spare parts for that car, technical help will be more expensive and there will not be that many people just to ‘join the club’. So now let’s see what models appear to be lest popular on the market in the year 2012.

10th Place took the BMW Z4 with about 2743 units sold
9th Place took the big and actually efficient Subaru Tribeca with about 2072 cars sold
8th Place took the elegant and expensive Cadillac Escalade EXT with about 1932 models sold
7th Place took the sporty luxury Jaguar XK with about 1629 models sold
6th Place took the new model of Mercedes-Benz R-Class with about 1469 models sold
5th Place took the other Mercedes-Benz G-Class with about 1328 items sold
4th Place took the sporty Asian model of Acura ZDX with about 773 models sold
3rd Place took the new Japanese model of Mitsubishi i-MiEV with about 586 carssold
2nd Place took the more exclusive model of Porsche Cayman with about 463 models sold
1st Place took the poor Acura RL with about 382 units sold

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