Top 10 Most Male Cars

March 7, 2013 at 12:32

Today we are going to look at the most male car models that are available in the American market. As with the beginning of this century the division between male and female cars is becoming more and more vivid, there are certain cars that are exclusively targeting female drivers, but other models are trying to target only men. At the later we are going to look today. What it means to be a male car? We will name three main features, big in size, powerful in terms of output and offering engaging ride. These three features are the most important that are always looked by men in their new cars. So now let’s see which cars can surprise you in terms of these features.

10th Place took the big and iconic model Chevrolet Silverado
9th Place took the muscle car Dodge Challenger
8th Place took the Japanese model Toyota Tacoma
7th Place took the real sports car Ford Mustang
6th Place took the new model of GMC Sierra
5th Place took the German real upper-class model of powerful beauty Porsche 911
4th Place took the Chevrolet Avalanche
3rd Place took the other Japanese model of Honda Ridgeline
2nd Place took the big truck, beloved by Americans Dodge Ram
1st Place took the powerful sporty Chevrolet Corvette

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