Top 10 the most famous and luxurious Lincoln cars Part I

January 23, 2015 at 21:39

January 26, 1920 American engineer and inventor Henry Leland was re-established by the time the bankrupt company Lincoln Motor Company. This was the birth of a new brand of cars of a class “lux”, one of the most prestigious and coveted in the world. Today we look at a dozen cars from Lincoln, which associated the firm for nearly a century of its existence and is now associated.

Lincoln L-Series

Lincoln L-Series pics

Lincoln L-Series picture

In the summer of 1920 the company has released his first Lincoln car commercial – Lincoln L-Series. However, the design of this car is very similar to the appearance of cars from Cadillac (firm that Leland organized in the early 20th century, and where he had gone to create Lincoln), but still significantly out of date.

Lincoln K-series

Lincoln K-series pics

Lincoln K-series picture

Model Lincoln L-series is no longer manufactured in 1930, when it was replaced by a new, equally successful series of cars – Lincoln K-series. Company Ford, Lincoln parlayed his own department has released several versions of this car, designed for customers with different incomes. Special, extended copy of Lincoln K was released in 1939 for the US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


Lincoln-Zephyr pics

Lincoln-Zephyr picture

Termination release in 1940 Lincoln K-series related, including the start of production and the growing popularity of car Lincoln-Zephyr, which is considered the world’s first car with the aerodynamic shape of the body (and the very name he received in honor of the wind Zephyr).

Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Continental pics

Lincoln Continental picture

Lincoln Continental, appeared as a separate model in 1940, became the first “long-lasting” car of this brand. For more than forty years old Lincoln Continental was considered the flagship brand, nine survived the change of generations and was discontinued only in 2002.

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