Top 5 best city cars 2016

September 24, 2016 at 18:43

Today more and more people are choosing as a vehicle for their own city car. But at the same time people impose specific requirements to cars: agility, efficiency, small size, and ease of management. It is these criteria guided the drafters of the rating of the best city cars 2016. Maybe this list will help someone choose your car.

Toyota Aygo picture

Toyota Aygo pics

The first place takes Toyota Aygo

Kia Picanto pics

Kia Picanto picture

Second place takes Kia Picanto

Suzuki Celerio picture

Suzuki Celerio pics

Third place takes Suzuki Celerio

Fiat 500 pics

Fiat 500 picture

Fourth place takes Fiat 500

Vauxhall Viva picture

Vauxhall Viva pics

Fifth place takes Vauxhall Viva