Top 5 biggest automotive mistakes in the world

October 13, 2016 at 20:54

Today we are going to present you the most terrible mistakes automotive industry. These cars are rather small in size, but they all are sooo ugly! So let’s see!

Smart Fortwo picture

Smart Fortwo pics

The first place takes Smart Fortwo
There are many cool Smart, nimble and cute. But certainly it is not this one. Smart Fortwo is similar to a dog after stroke.

Ford Pinto pics

Ford Pinto picture

Second place takes Ford Pinto
Ford Pinto was fitted with a terrible engine that could not be trusted. Moreover, even such a serious issue as the Forbes has made this machine in the list of the worst for technical problems and a low level of security. From add that he, sorry, just a freak.

Pontiac Aztek picture

Pontiac Aztek pics

Third place takes Pontiac Aztek
This is one of the biggest failures. The car has a design like crumpled cardboard box from the TV.

Vaz 2106 pics

Vaz 2106 picture

Fourth place takes Vaz 2106
This is just ugliest Russian car ever!

Reliant Robin picture

Reliant Robin pics

Fifth place takes Reliant Robin
This car is just one big misunderstanding.

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