Top 5 coolest cars from TRANSFORMERS

October 25, 2016 at 00:23

In the first four parts of the Transformers were about three dozen robots turning into cool cars. Come now let’s remember the best of them!

Optimus Prime picture

Optimus Prime pics

Optimus Prime
Brand: Western Star
This robot is the Autobot leader and a favorite among fans of Transformers. Interestingly, Optimus is represented by several car brands. In the original animated series Prime was transformed into the ancient American truck Kenworth K100, in the first three films – in Peterbilt Model 379 with recognizable outer tubes.

Bumblebee pics

Bumblebee picture

Brand: Chevrolet Camaro

With the Autobot Bumblebee, in fact, begins the plot of the first Transformers. This robot and this car for the entire franchise are as talismans.

Soundwave picture

Soundwave pics

Brand: Silver Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Soundwave is a Decepticon and the evil robots is always the same problem: the car manufacturers do not want to associate their brand with something negative, so do not give permission to use the image of his car.

Mirage pics

Mirage picture

Brand: Red Ferrari 458 Italia

Autobot who can become invisible, so far only appeared in the third film of the Transformers.

Barricade picture

Barricade pics

Brand: Saleen Mustang 2005

The treacherous Decepticons Barricade transformed into a police car. For Transformers franchise the Saleen Company and Mustang sports car manufacturer teamed up and built a special model, giving her later in the tuning studio designers.