Top 5 cutest cars ever

July 14, 2016 at 12:15

If you look like a Barbie, than you need to get really cute car. And you even don’t have to be a car guru and to know everything about cars. We made a list of cutest cars for. You need only choose what is perfect for you.

Alfa Romeo Mito picture

Alfa Romeo Mito pics

The first place takes Alfa Romeo Mito

Vauxhall Corsa pics

Vauxhall Corsa picture

Second place takes Vauxhall Corsa

MINI Hatch picture

MINI Hatch pics

Third place takes MINI Hatch

Citroen DS3 picture

Citroen DS3 pics

Fourth place takes Citroen DS3

Ford Fiesta pics

Ford Fiesta pictutre

Fifth place takes Ford Fiesta

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