Top 5 hand made cars around the world

May 19, 2015 at 16:58

Some motorists are categorically not satisfied with the car, produced by official manufacturers. And then they decide to create self-made cars that will fully meet all individual needs of the owner. Today we tell about the 10 most unusual of these vehicles.
333 Angkor – a homemade electric Cambodia

333 Angkor pics

333 Angkor picture

333 Angkor – it is the first fully electric car, created in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Batmobile picture

Batmobile pics

Homemade Batmobile from Shanghai
Fans of the Batman films from around the world dream of the Batmobile – a delightful design superhero car, has many different functions that are not available in the usual mass-produced cars.

Formula 1 car picture

Formula 1 car pics

Homemade car for Formula 1 races

Old Guo pics

Old Guo picture

Old Guo – homemade car for $ 500
Old Guo is a compact replica Lamborghini, intended for an audience of children.

uper Awesome Micro Project picture

uper Awesome Micro Project pics

Super Awesome Micro Project – homemade LEGO car
Designer LEGO – it’s so versatile material that can be constructed out of it even quite a work car. At least, it was possible the two enthusiasts from Australia and Romania established the initiative titled Super Awesome Micro Project.