Top 5 most bizarre and frankly ridiculous devices for a car

August 22, 2016 at 22:38

Car is one of the few things on our planet, which unites hundreds, thousands, millions, hundreds of millions of different people. For this reason, the auto market like no other, rich in all kinds of devices and accessories. And sometimes there are also frankly strange or even ridiculous.

High-Tech LED Rims pics

High-Tech LED Rims picture

High-Tech LED Rims
Luminous wheels with LED backlight accessory is definitely strange, but at the same time entertaining enough, at least for those who like to show off.

Michelin's Tweel Wheels picture

Michelin’s Tweel Wheels pics

Michelin’s Tweel Wheels
The idea of these wheels was to completely abandon their wheels in the modern sense, and replace them with something universal, all-season and never summing.

Bracelet with alarm clock pics

Bracelet with alarm clock picture

Bracelet with alarm clock
Bracelet is like a fitness tracker, as reads the driver’s vital signs. If the pressure and the heartbeat of the last point to the disease, disorder, fatigue or lack of sleep, the bracelet vibrates.

Ozone Air Purifier picture

Ozone Air Purifier pics

Ozone Air Purifier
The effectiveness of this device is very relative, however, at the time the e-freshener enjoyed incredible demand among motorists.

Tesla Coil for a Car pics

Tesla Coil for a Car picture

Tesla Coil for a Car
What security can be more reliable than the Tesla coil, mounted on the roof of the car? Such a device could generate clean energy wall, preventing approach to the vehicle.