Top 5 most luxurious Chinese cars

July 4, 2016 at 00:35

The most expensive Chinese car costs $ 2.5 millions
Chinese auto industry became famous for a large variety of models, a great proportion of which was copied from Western and Japanese brands. Do you think that Chinese companies are able whether to create expensive and luxury cars? They do! So let’s see what.

Icona Volcano picture

Icona Volcano pics

The first place takes Icona Volcano

Hongqi L9 pics

Hongqi L9 picture

Second place takes Hongqi L9

Hongqi H7 picture

Hongqi H7 pics

Third place takes Hongqi H7

Geely GE pics

Geely GE picture

Fourth place takes Geely GE

Haval H8 picture

Haval H8 pics

Fifth place takes Haval H8