Top 5 most preposterous concept cars

October 4, 2016 at 00:37

The main objective of concept cars is “testing the waters”, to collect the views of motorists about the appropriateness of the introduction and of the production of certain ideas, technologies or designs.
In most cases, concept cars are perceived well by motorists. But the history knows sometimes absurd and funny automobile concept cars that never came to series.

Mercedes-Benz VRC picture

Mercedes-Benz VRC pics

The first place takes Mercedes-Benz VRC

Ford GT90 pics

Ford GT90 picture

Second place takes Ford GT90

Mitsubishi HSR-V picture

Mitsubishi HSR-V pisc

Third place takes Mitsubishi HSR-V

Renault Initiale pics

Renault Initiale picture

Fourth place takes Renault Initiale

Opel Maxx picture

Opel Maxx pics

Fifth place takes Opel Maxx
Apparently, the idea of designers and engineers were too extravagant and practical for its time.

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