Top 5 the most reliable cars

July 5, 2016 at 00:52

It is difficult today to find a modern car that would cause consumers complaints as soon as the model was sold off. But after the speedometer of the car typed 40-50 000 kilometers the situation may drastically change. That’s when it becomes clear how much really good and reliable the car is. So let’s see our rating.

Toyota Prius picture

Toyota Prius pics

The first place takes Toyota Prius

Honda CR-V pics

Honda CR-V picture

Second place takes Honda CR-V

Toyota FJ Cruiser picture

Toyota FJ Cruiser pics

Third place takes Toyota FJ Cruiser

Chevrolet HHR pics

Chevrolet HHR picture

Fourth place takes Chevrolet HHR

Scion xB picture

Scion xB pics

Fifth place takes Scion xB