Top 5 ugliest cars in the world

October 11, 2016 at 02:19

There are a variety of criteria, in which it is possible to evaluate the cars presented in our rating. Some of them are constantly broken, others have terrible characteristics, others look worse than children drawings in the first class. We have tried to highlight the most significant of these devices, the memory of whom do not give sleep at night.

Toyota MasterAce picture

Toyota MasterAce pics

The first place takes Toyota MasterAce
Everyone saw this little car. He seems to be telling us, “My owner has no money for Volkswagen Transporter!”

Toyota Prius pics

Toyota Prius picture

Second place takes Toyota Prius
Prius is positioned as the car for those who care about the environment, because it is a hybrid.

Chevrolet Chevette picture

Chevrolet Chevette pics

Third place takes Chevrolet Chevette
This poor Chevrolet is so horrible that this would not argue even his mother…

Fiat Multipla pics

Fiat Multipla picture

Fourth place takes Fiat Multipla
This vehicle can be practical, roomy, but how terrible it looks!

Hummer H2 picture

Hummer H2 pics

Fifth place takes Hummer H2
We were thinking a long time, what of these terrible Hammers to insert in our TOP. And the more negative reviews we found precisely in the address of the second model.

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