Top 5 ugly expensive cars

October 7, 2016 at 01:00

Well-known companies, automobile brands sometimes create a cool car, but the buyer doesn’t appreciate their efforts. So we present you 5 different cars, which almost no one buys; and all because these vehicles do not look stunning for such a price.

Mazda 5 picture

Mazda 5 pics

The first place takes Mazda 5
This car has some tangible advantages such as two sliding doors. Now, passengers in the rear seats do not have to climb over the head to get out of the car. True fact remains that the great popularity minivan is not earned.

Scion FR-S pics

Scion FR-S picture

Second place takes Scion FR-S
Need to say that Scion FR-S is relatively affordable model. But still it is too much for such appearance.

Ford Flex pics

Ford Flex pic

Third place takes Ford Flex
The coffin on wheels – that’s the first association that arises in me at the sight of the car.

Cadillac CTS pics

Cadillac CTS picture

Fourth place takes Cadillac CTS
You can find the following slogan on the company’s official website: “This is outrageous! Business sedan that has the power of a sports car”. But motorists thought that “outrageous» it is in times of crisis to spread for the car over $ 40,000.

Mazda 6 picture

Mazda 6 pics

Fifth place takes Mazda 6
The model is not affordable for many fans of the brand, especially when you consider that its view is not so perfect.

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