Top 5 worst car interiors

July 31, 2015 at 11:39

TVR Sagaris
TVR simply do not have the budget for a professional interior design, in contrast to the large producers.

TVR Sagaris interior picture

TVR Sagaris interior pics

Dodge Avenger

Dodge Avenger interior pics

Dodge Avenger interior picture

All the horrible design of American cars of release mid-2000s can be found in the Dodge Avenger. When you sit in this car once depression begins.

Pontiac Grand Prix interior picture

Pontiac Grand Prix interior pics

Pontiac Grand Prix
This car is for those who love buttons. Pontiac car dashboard early 90-ies can be a maddening anyone.

Buick Reatta interior pics

Buick Reatta interior picture

Buick Reatta
On the one hand, it is good that GM tried to introduce the latest achievements. However, in this case the role played bad.

Fiat 500 interior picture

Fiat 500 interior pics

Fiat 500
In general and overall ergonomics of the dashboard is terrible and complex for intuitive understanding.

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