Top 6 Most Dangerous Upper-Class Models

December 1, 2012 at 09:29

Today we are going to talk about the safety while driving. Even though we understand that all of the driver go through the driving license test and examinations, and should perform quite good on the examination in order to get yourself your driving license. But there are certain situations when the driver is not guilty, it can also be a car, its problems with very stiff steering, not good break-system or non that responsive drive. Sometimes also the danger awaits at the accident. The accident itself is already a critical situation, therefore cars should be designed in a way, so that the driver could escape the majority of the damage that it can bring. Today we are going to look at six cars that appear to be not that successful in these terms.

6th Place took the great German model Audi A4 with quite dangerous inside system
5th Place took the Lexus IS 250 / IS 350 with bad frontal crash tests
4th Place took the Volkswagen CC with bad side skirts performance
3rd Place took the Lexus ES 350 with poor handling
2nd Place took the Lincoln MKZ with bad road clearance
1st Place took the Acura TSX / TSX Wagon that appeared to be quite dangerous in certain crash situations.

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