Top 7 luxury SUVs, of which you’ve never heard of

April 26, 2015 at 21:39

Among the many luxury cars, including SUVs, have their bestsellers. However, this does not mean that other luxury cars are in the shadow of his successful colleagues because they are in some way inferior. If SUVs are your passion, then this article will have you on the soul. In it, we describe the 7 models, which, in our opinion, do not pay enough attention. And they surely deserve it.

Acura RDX picture

Acura RDX pics

The first place takes Acura RDX

BMW X1 pics

BMW X1 picture

Second place takes BMW X1

Buick Encore picture

Buick Encore pics

Third place takes Buick Encore

Infiniti QX50 pics

Infiniti QX50 picture

Fourth place takes Infiniti QX50

Jeep Grand Cherokee pics

Jeep Grand Cherokee picture

Fifth place takes Jeep Grand Cherokee

Land Rover LR2 picture

Land Rover LR2 pics

Sixth place takes Land Rover LR2

Lincoln MKT picture

Lincoln MKT pics

Seventh place takes Lincoln MKT