Top 10 Least Attractive Cars from 2012

January 14, 2013 at 09:55

Today we are going to look at the top ten cars that appear to be least attractive in terms of the exterior design. Though we have to admit that as many people, as many opinions, but we still decided to make this ranking, even though it would be a little subjective. Let’s see which cars were named as worst in terms of the style and fashion attributes. Let’s bring them all to our readers:

10th Place took the Toyota Scion tC in its three-door coupe version
9th Place took the familiar to us by such ranking Scion iQ in hatchback style
8th Place took the 2012 year version of Dodge Avenger which seemed a little sleepy
7th Place took the other member of Dodge family – Dodge Charger
6th Place took the Mini Coupe – said to be a joke of the car
5th Place took the Mercedes-Benz SL550 – the design of which cannot be compared to the whole power of the car
4th Place took the P1 from McLaren, as it seems to be too unrealistic
3rd Place took the Smart Fortwo that resembles a ripen to two parts car
2nd Place took the Toyota Prius V that was said to look like a shopping bag
1st Place took the Chrysler 200 Convertible which was said to be the most style-less model

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