Top 5 funny pop-eyed cars

November 12, 2014 at 17:31

Today we will talk about strange design of cars with which we fell in love. But people did not always like such strange look…
Volkswagen Type 2
Probably British ate their heart out when small pop-eyed vans and buses with a huge VW logo on the front of steel rapidly conquer the world. Immediately after the war, the British contemptuously refused export factory from Wolfsburg on account of reparations: the “cuttlefish” seemed absolutely hopeless – but only after a couple of years, “bugs” have already bought all over the world.

Volkswagen Type 2 picture

Volkswagen Type 2 pics

And then, in 1967, appeared “Volkswagen Type 2″ – the family of cargo and passenger vans.

Porsche 911 (993) pics

Porsche 911 (993) picture

Porsche 911
These weird lights are similar to the frog’s eyes, are they?

MINI Cooper pics

MINI Cooper picture

MINI Cooper
Mini became a cult, non-class car. Beatles, Peter Ustinov, Charles Aznavour, Belmondo, Enzo Ferrari like riding on it. Even the Queen of England – Elizabeth II helped it in terms of advertising. In 1960, she’s got a ride on it at Windsor Park.

Mitsubishi Eclipse  image

Mitsubishi Eclipse picture

Mitsubishi Eclipse
This car stands out from the many models for its quirky design. This sporty muscular “sturdy child” with broad “shoulders” and huge “eyes” really attracts regards.

Mercedes-Benz E-class pics

Mercedes-Benz E-class image

Mercedes-Benz E-class
The car had been promoted under the slogan “See Mercedes with New Eyes”, which can be interpreted in two ways: either the “look at” Mercedes “in a new way”, or “See the” Mercedes “with new eyes.” Indeed, the first round headlights become the hallmark of the machine.

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