Top 5 ugliest cars in the world

September 6, 2016 at 23:00

Sometimes you can see strange cars, sometimes there are beautiful ones. O tempora, o mores! Everyone would like a car of the dream but not everyone would like to have a vehicle from our list. So it the top 5 list of ugliest cars ever!

Ford Model T picture

Ford Model T pics

The first place takes Ford Model T

Ford Bronco II pics

Ford Bronco II picture

Second place takes Ford Bronco II

Chevrolet Cobalt picture

Chevrolet Cobalt pics

Third place takes Chevrolet Cobalt

Yugo GV picture

Yugo GV pics

Fourth place takes Yugo GV

Pontiac Fiero picture

Pontiac Fiero pics

Fifth place takes Pontiac Fiero

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