Top 5 worst gifts that can offend fellow drivers

July 27, 2015 at 18:16

Family stickers
There is nothing stranger than shopping for a driver than buying the trailer, especially if it is absolutely necessary.

Family stickers picture

Family stickers pics

In this case, the owner of a van or trailer can give a “cute” sticker with a picture of the family.

Ferrari Cap pics

Ferrari Cap picture

Ferrari Cap
I would like to emphasize the complete lack of taste or posturing familiar motorist? Then give him a cap with symbols of Ferrari.

Eyelashes for headlights pics

Eyelashes for headlights picture

Eyelashes for headlights
Today the market of spare parts can be found the most unusual accessories for cars. Eyelashes headlamps are perhaps the most “creative” and at the same time the most “stupid” of the possible attributes. And yes, it looks just awful.

Testicles Truck Nuts picture

Testicles Truck Nuts pics

Testicles Truck Nuts
Not a bad gift for a motorist with a good sense of humor. Truck Nuts testicles are attached, usually under the hitch.

Fuel Shark pics

Fuel Shark picture

Fuel Shark
You want your car consumes 30% less fuel? Buy – Fuel Shark! No, you’re serious? The bulb for the cigarette lighter that “knows” how to save gasoline, really?

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