Top 5 best cars for racers

June 6, 2015 at 14:18

Racers should always practice. And they have to feel every day the strength and power of iron engine of their cars. What should be a car of a racer in everyday life? Maybe it will be muscle car or a retro car, and it can be super charged cars? Let’s find out.

Shelby 1000

Shelby 1000 picture

Shelby 1000 pics

Top 5 most beautiful cars

June 4, 2015 at 11:36

Today we are going to see the most beautiful cars in the world!
So let’s begin.
Dodge Challenger
Talking about the car Dodge Challenger, it is worth noting its retro features. Model has the following elements reminiscent of its historic model: light grille, bonnet bulge slightly enlarged, modernized marker lights.

Dodge Challenger pics

Dodge Challenger picture

Top 5 most powerful cars in the world

May 5, 2015 at 20:56

It’s no secret that everyone has a dream car. This is not just an SUV or a sedan, and the car that really want to show your friends, or which is not ashamed to drive up to the expensive shops. For many, this powerful model with a lot of horsepower and develops a high speed. Offer to meet with dozens of cars that are not only made with the latest technology, but also cost hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars.
Among them are well-known brands, for example, Chevrolet and Ford, and completely unknown. One thing is clear, that this is not simple a dozen cars. They are worthy competitors and in appearance and technical characteristics. The fact is that manufacturers are constantly competing with each other, so that the light appears masterpieces of engineering and design ideas.

Lamborghini Aventador LP1600-4 picture

Lamborghini Aventador LP1600-4 pics

A history of Dodge iconic performance cars: top 10 of best of the best!

October 12, 2014 at 21:54

The Dodge auto brand turns 100 years old this year. To this special event Dodge introduced the most powerful vehicle of all time, Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. We decided to make a look back on Dodge’s past history and its most impressive Dodge performance models.

2006 Powerful Dodge Charger SRT8 pic

2006 Powerful Dodge Charger SRT8 pic

Top 10 Best Technically Fit Cars

March 31, 2013 at 11:28

Today we are going to see the top ten cars with the best technical fitting. As it is quite difficult to understand which car presents the greatest value for the money in terms of offered performance and driving engagement we will try to set aside some of the best models. Let’s see what cars offer the greatest value for money and what kind of core must have a real modern car, not forgetting about the looks and also the price. In our new ranking all cars could have taken part, regardless of their class.

10th Place took the Tesla Model S with electrical fitting
9th Place took the BMW 3-Series model with great and almost perfect core
8th Place took the Infinity Q50 with perfect engine
7th Place took the sporty and extravagant Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
6th Place took the big and mighty model of Dodge Ram 1500
5th Place took the Ford Fusion new compact city car
4th Place took the Land Rover Range Rover – perfect engine for high-class car
3rd Place took the Chevrolet Spark with its very economic core
2nd Place took the Audi A3 sedan model
1st Place took the Mazda 6 model with good economic engine

Top 10 Best Light SUVs

March 27, 2013 at 11:48

Today we are going to talk about big cars, really big cars, not just some crossovers or something like this; we will be talking about new lightweight Sport Utility Vehicles. The best SUVs that appear to be the most powerful, most reliable and also enjoy highest rankings from the customers. The SUVs must have also been pretty affordable and economic, as this is the biggest problem with cars of this class, then the fuel efficiency was one of the most important features that were taken into consideration I this ranking. So let’s start the top 10 for today!

10th Place took the big and with the price lower than $25,000 – Honda CR-V
9th Place took the pretty similar to the previous model Toyota RAV4
8th Place took the very friendly in handling Hyundai Santa Fe
7th Place took the American dream car – Dodge Journey
6th Place took the big and powerful model Chevrolet Silverado
5th Place took the most popular in Europe model of Ford SUV – Ford Escape
4th Place took the the top car in US and Canada – GMC Sierra
3rd Place took the another American model Dodge Caravan
2nd Place took the big and classic Ram pickup
1st Place took the best and most affordable Ford F-Series

Top 10 Most Male Cars

March 7, 2013 at 12:32

Today we are going to look at the most male car models that are available in the American market. As with the beginning of this century the division between male and female cars is becoming more and more vivid, there are certain cars that are exclusively targeting female drivers, but other models are trying to target only men. At the later we are going to look today. What it means to be a male car? We will name three main features, big in size, powerful in terms of output and offering engaging ride. These three features are the most important that are always looked by men in their new cars. So now let’s see which cars can surprise you in terms of these features.

10th Place took the big and iconic model Chevrolet Silverado
9th Place took the muscle car Dodge Challenger
8th Place took the Japanese model Toyota Tacoma
7th Place took the real sports car Ford Mustang
6th Place took the new model of GMC Sierra
5th Place took the German real upper-class model of powerful beauty Porsche 911
4th Place took the Chevrolet Avalanche
3rd Place took the other Japanese model of Honda Ridgeline
2nd Place took the big truck, beloved by Americans Dodge Ram
1st Place took the powerful sporty Chevrolet Corvette