Top 10 Car Models in Western Europe

February 21, 2013 at 12:05

Today we are going to look at the sales of the most popular cars in the Western Europe. The term “Western” in our reference includes every country is situated to the western side of Germany and also including the countries that are located in the vertical line with it. So now, let’s see whether the already known leaders of Europe are also here and what kind of places they have covered. Let’s start the new top ten!

10th Place took the interesting and quite surprising model of the Fiat Panda
9th Place took the model of the Opel car brand that doesn’t seem to experience the problems that are now reported in the press releases –Opel Corsa
8th Place took the another very famous model of Opel – new Opel Astra
7th Place took the first in this ranking crossover –Nissan Qashqai
6th Place took the already known to us from the previous top tens – Ford Focus
5th Place took the first in the ranking list French automaker – Peugeot 208
4th Place took the surprising for us model of Renault Clio
3rd Place took the compact model that was and will be popular – Volkswagen Polo
2nd Place took the another super popular model of this year – Ford Fiesta
1st Place took the German model of the most popular compact-car – Volkswagen Golf.

Best Cars for People Who Like Family Films

February 19, 2013 at 09:55

From the very name we can already say that a person is having a family, or has a great will to have a family of his own. Such people are usually very dependent on the others and enjoy being in a close though not that crowded community. These people are very sensible but are also very eager to sharing and different commonalities. These are the people who will bring new packet of milk for the coffee at work when it finishes and will not ask for anything for that, however, they are very aggressive if something will be turned against him, his family or people close to him.

2013 Nissan Altima

2013 Nissan Altima Photo

Top 10 Most Awaited Cars 2013

February 17, 2013 at 16:50

As year 2013 is already here the automakers has previously presented to us the great models dated by the year 2013. Now, as the range of the cool and surprising models is getting bigger and bigger, let’s try to see what top 10 cars from those dated by 2013 are most wanted by the public. The public included the customers from majorly European countries, though some portion of the questioned population also included Americans, Japanese and others. We tried to get the most versatile view on this question as this was possible. Let’s see what we have got here!

10th Place took the Ford Mondeo 2013 with 1.0-Liter engine
9th Place took the 2013 Toyota Camry – the dreamy model
8th Place took the Honda Accord 2013 – another great Japanese model
7th Place took the Nissan Pathfinder 2013 from the SUV class
6th Place took the new 2013 year model of the environmentally safe Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid
5th Place took the new 2013 Volkswagen Passat
4th Place took the Ford Focus of the year 2013
3rd Place took the more powerful Nissan Almera
2nd Place took the Ford Kuga 2013
1st Place took the 2013 newly presented model of Opel Adam

Best Cars for People Who Like Action Films

January 24, 2013 at 09:02

Today we a re going to look at people who actually enjoy watching some action films. As the major part of the film you will not be bored and the story line will be filled with different active details, so there is usually no time for certain mind twists and great mysteries, the plot is pretty simple and straight-forward, though there are different and very filled scenes changing one another. So people who like these films are not knowledge-oriented, or maybe just seem to be overwhelmed with the ability of information they get during working days. Though as a rule these people are simple and very active in their personal life, though they are more attracted by simple though dynamic things.

2013 Seat Leon

2013 Seat Leon Photo

Top 10 Hybrids from Detroit

January 16, 2013 at 09:52

As great and truly magnificent event of Detroit Auto Show is already behind us, we would like to refresh your mind with the creative, innovative and stylish models that you had a chance to meet in person. Well, but today we decided that we should better concentrate more on the green, sustainable cars. Therefore let’s see what best ten cars you could have met during this Auto Show and what great creations you could have come across. These cars have proven to be one of the most sustainable and thus affordable in the long-term.

10th Place took the aggressive in looks Hyundai HCD-14
9th Place took the elegant German Mercedes-Benz CLA
8th Place took the real novelty this year – Infiniti Q50
7th Place took the concept from Ford – Ford F-150 concept
6th Place took the green, but furious Toyota Furia
5th Place took the new and fairly un-known plug-in hybrid model of VIA Motors
4th Place took the big and futuristic Cadillac ELR
3rd Place took the first big car in this ranking – Honda urban SUV concept
2nd Place took the already familiar Nissan LEAF 2013 model
1st Place took the fresh and new Lexus IS hybrid

Top 10 Least Popular Cars in 2012

January 10, 2013 at 12:08

As year 2012 has already passed, we really like making some summaries and putting it all together to see how successful this year was for the automakers. Therefore today we are presenting to you a new ranking list that we have prepared, which features top ten cars that appeared to be least popular in the past year. It may seem quite interesting, as the fail to succeed is considered a pretty big problem for the companies, and can negatively affect even future sales. So let’s see which cars were sold in the smallest amount of copies and what automakers have to work pretty hard now to make up for this disadvantage of the last year.

10th Place took the new version of the great safe car Volvo C30
9th Place took the pretty expensive BMW Z4
8th Place took the model that was a big surprise for us – Audi TT
7th Place took the model of Subaru Tribeca
6th Place took the pretty affordable but not successful Suzuki Equator
5th Place took the highly expensive Cadillac Escalade EXT
4th Place took the one of the most expensive cars – Nissan GT-R
3rd Place took the sporty model of Acura ZDX
2nd Place took the big sporty Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback
1st Place took the another Japanese car – Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Top 10 Car Models Still Not Influenced by the Crisis

December 23, 2012 at 09:46

As the crisis seems to still be here, as we can always hear some news about the inflation, economical downturns and instabilities, it was also quite clearly stated that auto-markets are not experiencing the best times right now. On average the sales of majority of car models dropped, and some great car brands are shrinking their offerings. Though this negative wave didn’t effect everyone. Therefore today we are going to present to you top ten cars that seems to be quite successful during this crises times, and their sales still remained stable, as customers seem to believe in and trust them!

10th Place took the Volkswagen Passat – stylish middle-class model
9th Place took the Renault Megane – nice and fresh-looking
8th Place took the big and comfortable Nissan Qashqai
7th Place took the known and popular Opel Astra
6th Place took the very interesting for city-life Renault Clio
5th Place took the one the most popular models Ford Focus
4th Place took the other model of Opel automaker – Corsa
3rd Place took the small and safe Volkswagen Polo
2nd Place took the bright and fancy model of Ford Fiesta
1st Place took the irresistible and simply the best Volkswagen Golf