Top 10 Low-Volume Cars in Europe

January 22, 2013 at 09:29

Low-volume means less fuel consumption and therefore greater economy for the owner, on the other hand it also means that the car will be more affordable for the owner in the long-run. The loss of power seems to not bother modern consumers who are looking any possible ways to safe more and more. Therefore today let’s look at the ten models with low engine volumes and which appear to offer the biggest value possible having this first constrain.

10th Place took the Hyundai i10 in its Classic modification
9th Place took the Suzuki Splash model with compact size
8th Place took the Toyota Pixis Epoc with power output of 51-hp
7th Place took the all-time female car Fiat 500 with very small engine volume
6th Place took the very technologically advanced Peugeot 107
5th Place took the most popular car – Ford Fiesta model from the year 2013
4th Place took the Mazda 2 – one of the best low-volume cars
3rd Place took the German automaker with new 2013 Volkswagen Jetta
2nd Place took the small and very versatile, but also hated by other Smart Fortwo
1st Place took the 2013 year model of Honda Fit

Top 10 Novelties of 2012

December 27, 2012 at 09:47

Today we are going to look once again at the new great cars that were presented in the year 2012. These cars have already received their places in the honor lists of our top tens, but today it will be a little redefined ranking list, as we are going to add all the novelties that has been presented recently. Let’s therefore learn about what kind of great powerful, compact, safe, quality-oriented and simply beautiful cars were g\brought to our customer choice and taste in the year 2012. Let’s bring the ranking on!

10th Place took the great sport-looking redesigned model of Audi R8 GT
9th Place took the popular compact model of Europe – new Kia Cee’d
8th Place took the middle-class model of Peugeot 508
7th Place took the almost perfect model of new 2012 year Toyota Camry
6th Place took the four-door coupe model of high style – BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe
5th Place took the best minivan on the road – Opel Zafira Tourer
4th Place took the attractive and interestingly-looking Ford B-Max
3rd Place took the big and handy Renault Duster
2nd Place took the elegant stylish luxury Porsche Boxster
1st Place took the got the conservative German model of Porsche 911

Top 10 Best Cars for Hipsters

December 9, 2012 at 09:37

As we have seen that the modern world is conquered by the interesting trend called hipster. We will not be talking a lot about what this trend really mean, and what these hipster people look like, we better concentrate on the real topic for today – the best cars for such people, but one sentence will make it all clear for you – hipster and a homeless person differs by just an iPhone.
Let’s see today our top ten prepared for these new society members!

10th Place took the a uniquely fashionable and revolutionary Saab 900
9th Place took the a car or not a car for people… or not people (a joke :) – new Smart ForTwo
8th Place took the real icone of the automakers – Volkswagen Golf MKII
7th Place took the old and honest and supportive Peugeot 205
6th Place took the real classic of all times – BMW E30 3 Series
5th Place took the Volkswagen Thing – the real dream for all hipsters, so good luck in finding it!
4th Place took the other icon of real big automakers – Jeep Grand Wagoneer
3rd Place took the Pontiac Phoenix – for all the hipster kings
2nd Place took the Volkswagen Bus, the best minibus that one can imagine
1st Place took the vintage model that for sure was stolen from museum – Citroen 2CV

Best Cars for People Who Like Folk Music

December 7, 2012 at 09:20

It may sound quite funny, but there are people, who like to listen to folk music. We are not talking about super-old genre of music, that is already to old and can be heard on vinyl, if you still come from the generation that known what vinyl is. But we would concentrate on modern folk. This is quite an interesting and we may even say, alternative genre. The people who like this modern folk are quite creative and diversely-developed. They are very active and very optimistic. They may suck at a lot of things, but they have at least tried them, as they strive to learn more and see new places, meet new people.

2012 Toyota Fortuner

2012 Toyota Fortuner Image

Best Cars for People Who Like House Music

November 30, 2012 at 09:41

Today we are going to look at an interesting music genre – house music. The type of music that is more of an electro-dance mix, that is quite usually heard in clubs, some modern bras for younger generation. This is an interesting genre, because people who are listening to this music are quite controversial. Majority of house-music genre are the people who are kind and quite calm in their nature. They can be productive, if they want to, they can go far beyond the expected, if they want to, but they will remain doing nothing if nothing extraordinary will happen, or if they may not feel any need in taking some other steps. They are quite good in more mathematical subjects and like to analyze with numbers, as pure words may mean nothing to them. Now let’s see if we can find some good cars for them.

2012 BMW 1-Series

2012 BMW 1-Series Image

Top 10 Best Convertibles You Must Know

November 25, 2012 at 09:34

If you are calling yourself a real car lover, then you for sure need to justify your title, and today we are going to help you, or actually challenge your expertise and therefore will show you top ten convertibles that appear to be the most legendary in their class in the world. These cars may be old, but they are for sure not out-of-date, as basing on their design and engineering technical details new convertibles are built for the world automakers. Let’s see these ten beauties:

10th Place took the vintage and elegant Peugeot 401 Eclipse
9th Place took the classic German model of Mercedes-Benz SLK
8th Place took the modern and fashionable Peugeot 206 CC
7th Place took the quite creative Daihatsu Copen
6th Place took the good old car model of Ferrari Superamerica
5th Place took the best model for the city – Nissan Micra C+C
4th Place took the most popular car brand Ford Focus CC
3rd Place took the luxurious Lexus SC430
2nd Place took the great model of Volvo C70
1st Place took the very interestingly-looking and therefore almost legendary convertible Mitsubishi Colt CZC

Best Cars for People Who Like Indie Music

November 18, 2012 at 09:55

Today’s post will be devoted to people who like to listen to indie music. This musical genre is quite controversial, as quite different people can like indie music, and even most active and aggressive people would find indie music nice for a relaxing Friday evening. Though it is not the matter here, as we will be talking about people who like to follow their life with indie music almost every minute. Therefore their character is quite straightforward, they are very creative, but at the same time very lazy. They may also have low esteem and therefore may be a little introverted, however, they are still quite communicative and forward-thinking.

2012 Fiat 500 Image

2012 Fiat 500 Image